Mother’s Day Pill

Short story style model: David Eggers
Word count: 459 words

She stood with the night and lay with the sun. Sun-shy they called out to her and sun-shy she was. Her mother was her sun, the one that loved her most. And the sun was always stepping in the way of her colours and her night time patterns that the little pill brought her. Well, it owned her. A Sunday, in the month of March, the daughter encased her frail pale body in elastin and sequins and pasted over the last of her innocence. She morphed her feelings into turbulence, preparing for a crash landing before the sun rose again. Mother, her sun, had an abundance of power over the daughter yet somehow had none over the pill. She stood at the bottom of the stairs patiently building her wall to prepare well for another night of damage as she watched her skinny dolly skip, no, stride down the stairs with her lady heels. Mother approached with glassy eyes and gently clasped onto her wrists, slipping her into her grasp, desperately trying to save her doll, pulling her away from the night that the girl lived for. The daughter twisted and squirmed and spat out sickening words the sun did not recognise. The sun’s flames grew. The girl spat again. Her flames were now uncontrollable and blinding, blocking her window to her emotions. Mother now had no control over her body. The mother regained awareness to find her dolly broken, lying in her tears with a hand to her face. The daughter looked up with terror in its most pure and innocent form. Her eyes brimmed, which put out the sun’s flame almost instantly. She felt them share a heart for a second but a sharp pain tore them apart in two. The dolly she treasured so much felt her mother’s flame for the first time, which finally beat the pill but also killed the trust that remained. The darkness and light had finally become complete strangers. The intentions were true, she swore, but it was too late, and she wept in eternal sorrow. The trust that was destroyed that night formed an eternal crack that would stain the plain canvas until death brought them truth. Her graduation, her wedding, her first child, there was always that crack to keep them close yet distant. Swimming in sunshine, rolling in its flames, playing with dollies in peril, until death brings them truth. It just took a strike of the palm to understand how tenuous and nebulous the line between humanity’s feral and human nature really is, with only the norms of society keeping us afloat. Society can take its eyes off us for a moment and we will burn in the ashes of our inborn, animalistic drive.


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